Membership Process and Member Options


This is a quick, step-by-step guide on how to become a Share-A-Pet member and how to support our efforts and initiatives.

1. Attend an Orientation Meeting, contact us to learn about the Orientation schedules.

2. Pass Therapy Obedience training and certification.

3. Choose your membership category. As a member, you will automatically receive our newsletter updates.

4. Once confirmed as a member, please sign up on our Volunteer Management System to track your hours and interact with the other members of the Share-A-Pet team.

5. Encourage your friends, colleagues and family members to support this cause, here.

6.  You may make personal donations of any amount here.

7.  For all other donation, gift options, please visit our Official Online Store.

For non-members, you may still keep yourself updated with our events and progress. Please sign up for our newsletter.