Individual Memberships

attendWhether you are interested in serving on a committee, are on your way to joining the Pet Program or are joining the Share-A-Pet Family to show your support of our mission, becoming a Support Member is the first step to getting involved. By joining as a Support Member, you are able to immediately get involved with the Organization and receive the following member benefits:
1-Year Support Membership

  • Share-A-Pet T-shirt
  • Subscription to our monthly newsletter
  • Opportunity to serve on various Share-A-Pet committees
  • PERKS discounts at supporting local businesses, including trainers
  • Invitations to all the Share-A-Pet events

All volunteers interested in becoming a part of the Share-A-Pet family join as a Supporting Member, even those who wish to do Pet-Assisted Therapy. Supporting Members either:

  • have a dog going through the Pet Program and are in the process of becoming a Certified TOP Team or
  • have a puppy and want to get involved before the puppy is old enough to take the TOP test or
  • have a pet who is not suited for pet-assisted therapy or
  • don’t have a dog, but love people and pets and want to make a difference in people’s lives

1 – Year Pet Program Membership

To be a certified Pet Program member, you must be willing to:

  • commit to one-year of Pet-Assisted Therapy service at one or more facilities. This consists of a minimum of 44 pet assisted therapy hours a year.
  • follow the Share-A-Pet Assisted Therapy Guidelines.
  • turn in your services hours each month.
  • attend any ongoing education for you and your dog to be the best at what you do.
  • commit to furthering the success of the organization by participating in one or more of the following activities:
  • recruiting new volunteers
  • recruiting Perks Partners
  • making Share-A-Pet your charity of choice and making an annual donation
  • submitting your stories of pet-assisted therapy
  • participating in fundraisers
  • attending events
  • recruiting corporate and individual sponsors

dogYour dog must be:

  • spayed/neutered
  • people and dog friendly
  • have basic obedience skills
  • at least a year old
  • you must have owned your dog for one year
  • and your dog must be current with its rabies vaccination

Once you have reviewed the requirements above and feel that you are ready to take the next step, you can click here to apply and choose your membership category and make payments online or you can Email us  to request information about the volunteer orientation meeting in your area.

Four Steps to Becoming Share-A-Pet Program Certified Team click here.